About Us
Cadem has a range of products for:
   Monitoring and improving the productivity of machines.
   Cycle time reduction and programming for turning and milling.
   Training on CNC machining technology.
Cadem in Industry

Cadem is India’s leading provider of CNC machining software for the manufacturing industry. Its range of industrial products for Machine monitoring, CAD/CAM and CNC Training are enabling shop floors to improve the productivity of their CNC machines. Many of India’s best known CNC machining shop floors use the products. Cadem’s products are used in 30 countries, in 4 languages. Premier CNC machine tool companies endorse and recommend Cadem’s software to their customers.

Cadem in Education
Cadem’s CNC educational products are the first-choice for Engineering institutes in India. The products form the mainstay of CAD/CAM labs in most of India’s best known institutes, and in in-house tech centers and training centers of industries.
Cadem’s products have repeatedly won prestigious awards for innovation and vision in manufacturing technology at IMTEX, India’s national manufacturing technology show.
Cadem won CMTI-PMT Trust award for Best Design Innovation Award 3 times for CAPSturn and LEANworks. We won the FIE Foundation award in IMTEX 2017 for LEANworks Cloud.
Cadem was named as one of the TOP 100 Innovators in 2007 by NASSCOM.