CAD/CAM software

Cadem's affordable CAD/CAM software helps you reduce cycle time and machining cost, and generate NC programs that can be cut with zero editing. If you are looking for CNC offline programming software, conversational CAM software or Fanuc conversational programming, look at the easy to use and simple CAPSturn and CAPSmill.  They are far more than mere CAD/CAM software - they are designed to cut efficiently and cheaply.

Why buy a mere CAD/CAM software ?

CNC Program simulator

If you prefer to program manually and are looking for a CNC G code simulator or CNC programming simulation software, Cadem seeNC is perfect for you. It helps you eliminate collisions, trial part rejections, and machine downtime for program checking. seeNC Mill is a CNC milling programming software, and seeNC Turn is a CNC lathe programming software. They are perfect for use as Fanuc CNC programming software or CNC program simulators for Fanuc, Haas, Siemens or Mitsubishi.

Machine monitoring software, DNC, Free DNC

Cadem's Machine Monitoring software and DNC software enable you to reduce machine downtime, and complement Cadem's CNC programming software.

With LEANworks machine monitoring software you can track production quantity, machine downtime, OEE, Part rejections and breakdowns. Automatically, 24/7. You get reports wherever you are in the world, on your PC, tab or mobile. If you are looking for Lean software,  TPM software or OEE software, LEANworks does all these and much more.

NCnet DNC software enables you to transfer CNC programs from a PC to multiple CNC machines, or vice versa. Connection can be wired or wireless. You can call programs remotely from the machine, with the PC unmanned. Drip feed for die machining is supported, with auto restart.

NCnet Lite free DNC is the world's most widely used DNC software. It is genuinely free, with no strings attached.


Is your CNC machine a White Elephant ?

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