CAPSturn increases your CNC turning profits

- Reduce cycle time, machining cost
- Eliminate trial part rejection
- Get scrap weight and sale value
- Maximize spindle power utilization
- No dependence on skilled programmers
- Get highly accurate cycle time for quotes
- Learning time 4 hours


Automatic safe path logic ensures zero collisions. You get parts first-time-right. The program generated by CAPSturn can be loaded on the machine and cut right away, without any editing. There is no machine downtime for program checking through single block and dry run.

Cycle time is dramatically reduced by automatic cutting parameters selection. Automatic tool nose radius compensation and gouge prevention ensure that you can take on parts with complex geometries, with no rejections caused by contour inaccuracies. An operator can do the programming, with just machining knowledge.

Just watch the 10 minute demo video to see how easy it is to use CAPSturn, and how it can improve your profits. Check out its unique 'Money maker' feature.

CAPSturn Lite is suitable if you want to do only CNC programming. It is the same as CAPSturn, except that it does not have the following features:
- Spindle power graph
- Cycle time sheet
- Tools list
- Tool layout sheet (graphical process sheet)
- Money maker

See this document for differences between CAPSturn and CAPSturn Lite.

If you buy CAPSturn Lite, you can upgrade any time later to CAPSturn by paying the difference.

Brochure Fact sheet Download 1-week Trial


CAPSturn Lite:   US $ 750 /  Rs. 50,115              cnc-machine-software-buynow

CAPSturn:            US $ 1500 /  Rs. 100000         cnc-machine-software-buynow


Jai Hanuman Engineering

Product: Automotive parts

Number of CNC machines: 1

Mr. Ragavendra, Owner

"CAPSturn has been very useful in programming, setting parameters and quoting prices. We have zero trial part rejections, and are able to cut parts with complex geometry. The software is very user friendly, has a big variety of tools, and I can define my own form tools. I learnt to use the software in just 4 hours."

Kushal International
Number of machines: 1Product: Automotive partsMr. Kushal Maggo, Owner

"We program all our parts using CAPSturn. Our quotes are very accurate because CAPSturn calculates the cycle time within 3 % error. Earlier, a couple of parts used to be rejected in every batch during trial machining. With the software our trial rejections are completely eliminated."

<h5><strong>Wipro Infrastructure Engineering</span></h5><p class="western">Product: Hydraulic cylinders, actuators</p><p class="western">Number of CNC machines: 16</p><p class="western">Mr. Venkatesh, Manager</p><p class="western">"We machine our own parts. CAPSturn has helped us reduce program all our parts using CAPSturn. Earlier, a couple of parts used to be rejected in trial machining in every batch. With the software our trial rejections are completely eliminated. The software has enabled us to reduce cycle times by 30 % on average, up to 60 % on some parts."</p>
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