Reduce machine down times, improve profits

- Machine monitoring, TPM, OEE, Lean software
- Track production quantity, rejections
- Track downtimes, OEE
- Improve profits by reducing waste
- Get production data on email, desktop or web
- Track and reduce machine breakdowns
- Get crisis alert SMSs on mobile phone
- Automatic 24/7 tracking and reporting

If you are like the average shop floor, your OEE is around 45 %.
World class OEE is 85 %.

LEANworks enables you to bridge this gap. It  enables you to measure and improve productivity, helps you improve your OEE dramatically, by helping you measure and reduce waste on your shop floor. LEANworks monitors your machines 24/7, unmanned, and ensures that the latest production data is at your fingertips .

You get reports displaying all the key performance data of your shop floor -  Production quantities, OEE, Downtime durations and occurrences, Rejection quantities and reasons, Breakdown statistics, etc. You do not have to go to the shop floor to get data – it comes to you, wherever you are. You get reports on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Just watch the 10 minute video to see what LEANworks can do, and how it can dramatically reduce waste on your shop floor and improve your profits.

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