CAPSturn CAD/CAM software for CNC lathe programming
Improve CNC turning profits

  • Reduce cycle time, machining cost
  • Eliminate trial part rejection
  • Get scrap weight and sale value
  • Maximize spindle power utilization
  • generate shop documents automatically
  • No dependence on skilled programmers
  • Get highly accurate cycle time for quotes
  • Learning time 4 hours
  • Much more than just CAD/CAM software

Automatic safe path logic ensures zero collisions. You get parts first-time-right. The program generated by CAPSturn can be loaded on the machine and cut right away, without any editing. There is no machine downtime for program checking through single block and dry run.

Cycle time is dramatically reduced by automatic cutting parameters selection. Automatic tool nose radius compensation and gouge prevention ensure that you can take on parts with complex geometries, with no rejections caused by contour inaccuracies. An operator can do the programming, with just machining knowledge.

Just watch the 10 minute demo video to see why CAPSturn is the ideal affordable CAD/CAM software for CNC lathe programming, and how it can improve your profits. Check out its ease of use, and unique ‘Money maker’ feature.

capsturn cad/cam software for cnc lathe programming

CAPSturn is shipped with all features bundled, with pre-configured tools and cutting database. You can start cutting parts from Day 1.

It comes with 1 postprocessor configured to your requirement. You can buy additional posts with CAPSturn, or buy them any time later.

US $ 1500 / Rs. 1,00,000
Buy from your favourite store
capsturn lite cad/cam software for cnc lathe programming
CAPSturn Lite

CAPSturn Lite is suitable if you want to do only CNC lathe programming, not cycle time or shop documents generation.
It is the same as CAPSturn in all respects, except that it does not have the features in the document menu.

If you buy CAPSturn Lite, you can upgrade any time later to CAPSturn.

US $ 750 / Rs.50,000
Buy from your favourite store

Feature   CAPSturn     CAPSturn Lite  
   Rough, Finish – Turning and Facing operations    
   Drilling, peck drilling, tapping    
   Automatic Tool nose radius compensation    
   Radial and Face grooving, Parting off operations    
   Threading – internal and external    
   Threading – auto calc. first depth of cut, no. of cuts    
   Tool gouge prevention    
   Tool selection from industry-standard database    
   Auto cutting parameters selection    
   Auto collision check and prevention    
   Auto shortest safe tool path determination    
   Inbuilt CAD with import from other CAD software    
   Quick drawing of grooves, undercuts, shafts    
   ‘What you see is what you get’ simulation of tool path    
   Canned cycle output in CNC program    
   Add / Modify standard cutting tools, form tools
   Add / Modify cutting parameters
   Add / Modify machine specific postprocessor    
   Cycle time calculation  
   Machining cost calculation – Money Maker  
   Cycle time reduction  
   Max. depth of cut calculation  
   Spindle power calculation  
   Spindle torque calculation  
   Chip weight calculation  
   Chip cost calculation  
   Cycle time sheet  
   Tools list  
   Graphical process sheet – Tool Layout  
   Spindle power graph