NCnet DNC software
Reduces machine downtime for program transfer

  • DNC software for 2-way CNC program transfer
  • Eliminate machine downtime for program entry
  • Call programs from machine
  • Prevent mixing of proven and trial programs
  • No part rejections due to outdated programs
  • Restrict physical access to PC with programs
  • Do die milling with drip feed

NCnet DNC software transfers programs between a PC and multiple CNC machines through RS232 ports of the PC and machines. Connection can be through wired or wireless network, through direct wire connections or through Ethernet LAN. See the Fact sheet for various connection options.

We have a large data bank of connection details for various controllers, with details of cable connections, parameters to be set on the CNC, and settings in NCnet. The data helps you save time in getting your DNC going, reduces the time from days to hours.

This page has sources for hardware that you will need for the DNC connection. Note that this hardware is not made by us, and is just what is available for online purchase. See the NCnet fact sheet for methods of connecting your machines and PC, and decide what hardware you need.

ncnet dnc free dnc

NCnet DNC software for up to 256 machines, with advanced features like drip feed machining and remote program calling from machines.

To reduce the time taken to connect your machines, it has a large data bank of connection details for 100+ controllers. You can buy access to this data bank separately.

US $ 300 / Rs. 20,000
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ncnet dnc free dnc
NCnet Lite

NCnet Lite DNC software is great for basic program transfer to 1 machine. See the table below for the difference between NCnet and NCnet Lite.

Feature   NCnet     NCnet Lite  
   Number of machines supported 256 1
   Separate folders for sent and received programs      
   Drip feed machining  
   Auto restart from interruption in drip feed  
   Remote calling of programs without going to PC  
   Remote sending of programs without going to PC  
   Auto rename+save of program versions
   DNC report – report of program transfers  

Here’s how you can reduce the time to get DNC going
Buy our DNC support package :Email support for 2 weeks + Ready-made DNC connection data

We’ve done thousands of DNC connections over the past 30 years, and there’s very little we don’t know about DNC.
Why waste many days of your and your machine’s time trying to figure out the right cable connection and the settings in the software, on the machine ?
Just buy our DNC support package – it costs peanuts.

DNC data is available for 110 CNC controllers. For each controller there are: Cable connection diagram, parameter settings on the controller, settings in NCnet / NCnet Lite free DNC,PDF file with the details, XML to automatically set required parameters. Here’s the List of controllers for which DNC data is available. Here’s a Sample PDF file with connection data

Hardware that you will need for the DNC
You will need hardware for the DNC connection for NCnet as well as for NCnet Lite free DNC, depending on how many machines you have and how you want to connect to them. Examples: Cables, gender changers, RS232 tester, optical isolator, etc.
Cadem’s web site has a page with suggested hardware, and sources where you can buy them online.

US $ 30 / Rs. 2,040
Buy from your favourite store