CAD/CAM software for training

- Post processors for all popular controls
- Teaches cycle time, machining cost reduction
- 1 hour learning time
- Teaches tool selection, process sequencing
- Scrap volume, weight, sale price
- Prints shop docs, teaches shop floor systems
- Import part geometry from external CAD

- Free student version for personal use

CAPSmill and CAPSturn are designed to teach programming through CAD/CAM software. The student in addition learns shop floor concepts and systems like cycle time, machining cost, spindle power and torque calculations, and shop documents.

What the student learns
- Programming using CAM software
- Programming parameters of machining operations.
- Cutting tools selection for various machining operations.
- Sequencing machining operations
- Post processing for popular controls like Fanuc, Siemens, etc.
- Cycle time calculation and optimization
- Shop docs - Process sheet, tools list, graphical setup sheet.

Students can practice after class hours
CAPS comes with FREE copies of the student version of the software. It can be installed on students' personal PCs.
 Works for 120 days once installed.

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