CNC Training Software
ProfiCNC – set of software for multi-step CNC training

CNC training is a 4-step process: learning CNC technology, learning manual programming, learning machine operation, and learning programming through CAD/CAM software.

CADEM ProfiCNC is a set of software for all 4 steps:

1.   Multimedia CNC training software for teaching CNC machining technology: machine construction, machining operations, cutting tools and cutting parameters, work holding, programming, safety.

2.   CNC programming training software for programming training – learning and practising writing of CNC programs.

3.   CNC machine operation training software for learning and practising machine operation safely and economically, without damage to the machine or injury to students.

4.   CAD/CAM software for learning automated CNC programming.

cnc training software

ProfiCNC conforms to the CNC software specifications of DGT Turner and Machinist trades : “Multimedia teach ware/courseware for CNC technology and interactive CNC part programming software for turning & milling with virtual machine operation and simulation using popular operation control system such as Fanuc, Siemens, etc.”.

ProfiCNC also conforms to the requirement of CGSC NOS / QPs for CNC operator, CNC setter cum operator and CNC programmer, for Turning and Machining Centers.

With the addition of CAPS CAD/CAM software, ProfiCNC becomes suitable for teaching CNC technology at the Diploma and BE level.

Step 1. Teaching CNC basics

NCyclopedia Turn and Mill speed up teaching, improves understanding, and improves retention of topics. It brings the shop floor into the classroom. The student learns machine construction, machining operations, tooling, work holding and programming.

Multimedia teachware for CNC technology
– Reduces teaching time
– Improves understanding, retention of topics
– Promotes self-learning
– Makes the subject interesting
– Eliminates effort of collecting teaching material
– No need for physical demonstration material
– Brings the shop floor into the classroom
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Step 2. CNC Programming Training

seeNC Turn and Mill are CNC simulation software for training on programming. They dramatically speed up the process of learning CNC programming. They support multiple controllers, checks syntax and logical errors, have tools database with industry-standard tools and have advanced graphical simulation. The student learns process planning, tool selection and programming.

Simulation software for learning programming
– Speeds up learning
– Reduces load on faculty
– Compress more exercises into lab time
– Makes learning interesting – like a game
– Forces learning of safety aspects
– Teaches programming, tooling, process sequencing
– Can train on multiple popular controllers
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Step 3. Machine Operation Training

doNC Turn and Mill are like flight simulators. They simulate the whole CNC machine realistically on a PC, and enable learning of CNC machine operation safely, economically, and fast. The student spends 80 % of the time on simulator, 20 % on machine.  The  student operates the simulator instead of actual machine. The machine and console appear on the PC screen. The controller logic is emulated exactly. The machine is simulated graphically with advanced graphics, with cutting sounds and display of chips and coolant. A wide variety of popular controllers are simulated.

CNC Machine simulator software
– 2 % of machine’s cost
– Get many simulators at a fraction of machine’s cost
– Student gets abundant practice time
– Zero consumables cost
– No risk of collisions and machine damage
– No risk of accidents, machine damage, injuries
– Teach on multiple popular CNC controls
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Step 4. CAD/CAM Training

CAPSmill and CAPSturn are designed to teach programming through CAD/CAM software. The student in addition learns shop floor concepts and systems like cycle time, machining cost, spindle power and torque calculations, and shop documents.

CAD/CAM Software for Training
– Post processors for all popular controls
– Teaches cycle time, machining cost reduction
– 1 hour learning time
– Teaches tool selection, process sequencing
– Scrap volume, weight, sale price
– Prints shop docs, teaches shop floor systems
– Import part geometry from external CAD
– Free student version for personal use
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How ProfiCNC makes your trainees and students CNC industry-ready

In industry, machines are seriously under-utilized because of poor knowledge at all levels of people involved in running them – operators, supervisors and engineers. Merely writing a program is not enough to cut efficiently. The cycle time and part quality in CNC machines depends on the tool path and the cutting parameters used, and both these depend on the ability of the programmer. The programmer must have a mix of skills – machining, tool selection, cutting parameters selection, work holding, maths, etc, and programmers who are good at all these are hard to find….

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