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CAPSturn - creating a blank parallel to the part shape

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This is required when the blank is a casting or forging.

To create a part shape and a parallel blank shape

1. Draw the part shape, but do not define the part.
2. Select Draw - Define contour - Auto contour, click on the part shape. A blue contour is formed.
3. Select Draw - Define contour - Offset contour, click on the part shape. Click on the outside of the contour and enter the thickness of the material as the offset distance. All sharp outside corners on the part are converted into radii in the blank shape.
4. Define the part and blank shapes in the normal manner through Draw - Define part, Draw - Define blank.

Note : The blue colored contours are not the contours that can are used in machining. Their only purpose is to copy, offset, etc. as a collection of lines and arcs.

To change the part and blank shapes
In the above process, there is a set of lines and arcs forming the part shape, and then the contour that is a collection of these lines and arcs. To edit the part and blank shapes:
1. Delete the part and blank through Edit - Delete part, Edit - Delete blank.
2. Delete the blue part contour through Edit - Erase. You will get a message like this:
"Overlapping objects found. Select required object from the list". Click on the contour and then on Done.
3. Delete the blue blank shape.
4. Make the changes in the part shape, then recreate the offset contour for the blank shape through the first process explained above.

To change only the blank shape
1. Select Edit - Explode and click on the blank shape. The contour is converted into individual lines and arcs.
2. Make the necessary changes, then select Draw - Define blank.

You can practice with the attached example Raw-material-parallel.cpt.
The file Cover.cpt shows the same example, with machining.

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