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CAPSturn - Hardware lock not found

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Cause 1 : The CAPSturn dongle is not inserted.
Solution 1 : Insert the dongle if you have not done so.
Solution 2 : Check if you have inserted the dongle of some other Cadem product by mistake.

Cause 2 : The dongle driver is not installed.
Solution 1 : Install the dongle driver from the product CD.

Cause 3 : The dongle driver installed does not match the Operating System.
Solution 1 : Unistall the dongle driver and install the correct one on the product CD. Windows XP and
Windows 7 have different drivers.

Cause 4 : CAPSturn does not support the operating system of the PC.
Solution 1 : Ensure that the OS is Windows XP or 7.
Solution 2 : If Windows XP, ensure that Service Pack 2 or higher is installed.

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