Exclusive Reselling

As an exclusive reseller you would be the sole distributor of CADEM products in your region and we will NOT appoint any other resellers there. You would be free to appoint dealers and create your own marketing network.You would be eligible for special volume discounts over and above the standard reseller discounts making your purchase price more attractive and giving you bigger margins than a non exclusive reseller.

What you get by signing up
  • Master CD with all CADEM products.
  • One hardware dongle covering all CADEM products valid for life time.
  • 5 demo dongles covering all CADEM products valid for 6 months, renewable free of charge.
  • FREE training to your engineers at your office. Travel and hotel etc must be paid.
  • FREE top priority email, fax/phone support to you and your customers.
  • FREE top priority posts configuration to you.
  • FREE localisation of our software in your local language, if you provide the translation.
  • Enquiries that we receive from your region will be forwarded to you exclusively.
  • Must commit to deliver minimum business of USD 50000 per year.
  • You will be expected to make a minimum business commitment and must be willing to invest in buying a reseller kit. Value $5000. We do NOT require you to spend your time and resources in travelling to our facilities to get trained on our products. We will come to your facilities and train your engineers and if needed assist you with a couple of demos to your prospects.The training and other services are FREE of charge. You will only have to bear the cost of travel and stay for one engineer.

If you are interested in exploring this business opportunity further or need more information to make up your mind , please email us. Please write to us giving full details of your exsisting line of business and an indicative ‘no obligations’ business plan for CADEM in your region.

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