Non-exclusive Reselling

Signing up for Cadem Non Exclusive Reseller is simple.

Why the sign-up fee ?

Our interest is NOT to make money out of reseller sign-up fees. We receive over 20 reselling enquiries a week. It is impossible for us to determine which is a serious business enquiry and which is not. This small ‘investment’ is aimed at discouraging casual reseller enquiries and also to cover the costs of tech support, CD,dongle and shipping and handling.

Most reseller enquires turn out be from persons hunting for free software, competitors collecting business intelligence and spammers harvesting email addresses. We lose a lot of time and resources servicing these bogus enquiries. Therefore we charge a sign up fee which would be refunded to you at the end of 6 months period.Sign up fee of $999 will be refunded by deducting the amount from your payables.

If you are interested in exploring this business opportunity further or need more information to make up your mind , please email. Please write to us giving full details of your exsisting line of business and an indicative ‘no obligations’ business plan for CADEM in your region. We look forward to pursuing a business partnership with you in your part of the world.

What you get by signing up
  • Master CD with all CADEM products.
  • Dongle valid for 6 months.
  • Hard copies of users’ manuals.
  • Free email,fax/phone support.
  • Free posts configuration.
  • Sign up fee of $999 will be REFUNDED to you, by deducting the amount from your payables.
  • After 6 months we can review and upgrade your business relationship.
  • If a minimum business of USD 9999 is not made in the first 6 months,then:
    No refund will be made.
    Reselling rights are automatically withdrawn.
    Click here to sign up as non-exclusive reseller.
    Sign up fee is US$ 999, Refundable
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