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Bengaluru, India

Reselling Partners

We are looking for reselling partners to expand our business in India and worldwide. If you are a CNC machine tool vendor, a CAD/CAM vendor, accessories vendor (cutting tools, coolant, fixtures, etc.) or a CNC machining consultant then our products can complement your business and help you increase your revenue. We offer excellent sales commissions.


We specialize in the niche market of lathe and production milling where there is still a large untapped potential for machinist friendly, affordable and mid range CAM software. You would not have to spend long period of times to pursue a sale. Our products are absolutely top-of-the-line for production machining and priced very aggressively. We are sure that you will find that selling them is very easy and lucrative.

The way we operate is : You just sell, we take care of everything else.

In India

You just have to do these:

1. Show the prospective customer a demo video of our product and any brochures

2. Get a pain points checklist filled in by the prospect. This tells us what features and products the customer needs.

We’ll do these remotely:

1. Pre-sales detailed demo

2. Pre-sales Prove-out of part, restricted to making a program and a tool path video

3. Post-sale Installation of the product

4. Post-sale Training

5. Post-sale technical support

Outside India

You do everything for the customer, and we support you.