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43. Grooving – Need for dwell at bottom

CNC: Grooving on CNC lathes – why you need a dwell at the bottom

The grooving insert moving into the groove is actually moving along a spiral path. When it reaches the final destination diameter (the ID of the groove) it has cut the ID at only one point, not along the whole circumference. If it is withdrawn out of the groove immediately, the root of the groove is a spiral instead of a circle in the cross section. E.g., if the feed rate is 0.1 mm/rev, there is a diameter difference of 0.1 at the bottom.

To get a circular cross section at the bottom, you have to add a dwell of at least 1 revolution after the tool reaches the bottom of the groove before withdrawing it.

Action point If the cross section is critical and MUST be circular, add a dwell of at least 1 revolution after the tool reaches the bottom of the groove before withdrawing it. The cross section is critical when the groove is going to hold a piston ring, circlip groove, etc. Most times the cross section at the bottom is not critical, and a spiral is OK (e.g., if the groove is at a shoulder on a shaft, or at the end of a thread).

Pics. and text source: CADEM NCyclopedia multimedia CNC training software.


Colourful footpath shop selling pulses

Cycling past City Market in Bangalore one weekend, I saw this colourful sight of a footpath shop selling packed pulses (‘Dal’ in Hindi, ‘Bele’ in Kannada) in Bangalore. The various pulses, different types, different colours, were neatly packed in 1 kg. packets and stacked. The aesthetics mostly comes from the colour of the pulses, but I’m sure a lot of thought went into the arrangement itself.

It must take a long time to setup the shop in the morning and pack away everything in the evening again. Wonder whether it’s carted away home at night or just covered with a plastic sheet? If it is the latter, do they just depend on the honesty of people to ensure that their wares do not get stolen, or do people from neighbouring shops get together, take turns to keep watch every night ? It was a busy time for the shop owner when I was passing by, so couldn’t ask her these questions.